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Hi everyone,

Things have been afoot! Due to communication breakdown between me and my host family as well as other problems I have made the decision to come home earlier. This means that I will be home within the next couple of weeks and will stay in the UK in the near future. I would like to thank everyone who read my blog. It is much appreciated.


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Day twenty four, 12th October 2012, my bedroom, 7.30 pm

7.30 am – woke up late. Shower, dress

8 am – breakfast at mine

9 am – english class – same as Monday and Wednesday

10 am – end of class

10.30 am – chinese lesson. This time it was outside. Lily wants me to use the chinese that I have learnt. Still struggling though

12 noon – lunch at Sunny’s

1 pm – too the shop for breakfast things

1.30 pm – back at mine

3.30 pm – chinese lesson

4.30 pm – end of chinese lesson

5 pm - english lesson – same as Monday and Wednesday

6 pm – dinner at Sunny’s

7pm back at mine

7.30pm – write blog

9 pm – go to bed

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Day twenty three, 11th October 2012, my bedroom, 8.10 pm

Thursday is my day off. No English or Chinese lessons. Great!

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Day twenty two, 10th October 2012, my bedroom, 8.05 pm

6.30 am – wake up, shower, dress

7.30 am – Breakfast at Sunny’s

8.15 am – back at mine

9 am – lesson one. This class is the same as Monday morning’s class. Exactly the same – same students, same content

10 am – lesson over

10.30 am – Chinese lesson

11.30 am – chinese lesson over

12 noon – lunch

1 pm – after lunch I went for a walk around the area to stretch my legs, including going to the shop for some juice

3.30 pm – second chinese lesson of the day

4.30 pm – chinese lesson over

5 pm – the afternoon class. Same as Monday, again

6 pm – over to Sunny’s for dinner

7 pm – back at mine

8.05 pm – write blog

10 pm – go to bed

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Day twenty one, 9th October 2012, my bedroom, 7.30 pm

6. 30 am – wake up. The shower is broken so I’m stuck using the sink in the bathroom until it’s fixed.

7.30 am – Breakfast at Sunny’s. Dumpings, delicious (see pictures). I also had bread with strawberry jam. Sunny had an early appointment so I babysat Eric until his grandmother arrived.

8.45 am – back at mine. Tidied bedroom.

9 am – chinese lesson number three. Again similar to the previous two lessons. Rather difficult to explain via a blog what I actually learnt.

11 am – end of chinese class.

12 am – lunch with Lily at Sunny’s. As per usual it was rice with vegetables

1 am – After lunch Lily and I walked to the bus stop and caught the bus to a local supermarket. Lily was very useful in pointing out shops, through sitting on the bus it wasn’t really that easy to spot them. At the supermarket got food for breakfast. We walked around the shopping precint. I am one of those people who enjoys shopping but wants to get it over done with. I don’t like hanging around, waiting for other people. Plus I don’t know what size I am in China so buying clothes will have to wait for a later date.

2.30 pm – back from our excursion to the supermarket. I collapsed onto my bed and fell asleep.

3.30 pm – I got woken by Lily for another chinese lesson.

4.30 pm – End of chinese class

5 pm – lesson of the day. This class is for 4 – 5 year olds and is also much smaller, only five kids. Their parents don’t sit in with them this time. There are a couple of kids who don’t sit still for very long and I got rather good at telling them to sit up.

5.45 pm – class is over. It used to be 1 hour 45 but the parents said after a day at school it was far too long for the kids.

6 pm – dinner at Sunny’s

6.45 pm – back at mine

7.30 pm – write blog

8. 30 pm – bed. (I was very tired that day. Don’t judge)

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