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Day fifteen, 3rd October 2012, my bedroom, 7.30 pm

Today was another great day. We went to the zoo in Yantai. It is on a hill so we had to climb a little bit before we actually got to the zoo but when we did it was great. I had completely forgotten how much fun a zoo can be.

And with it being a zoo in China and not in England there were animals I had not come across before – like blue sheep or a Takin. Rules in the zoo were a little lax than in England. A lot of people were feeding the animals and I saw one person teasing a bear with their camera. They were dangling it over the edge and the bear was up on its hind legs, opening its mouth and everything. With it being a national holdiay in China, the zoo was very very busy but I was able to take some great pictures.

Afterwards we went to get some lunch. Tina wanted pizza so we went to a restaruant. They had normal pizza, vegetable but they also had fruit pizza. It was odd and it took me a while to get over the whole idea of a fruit pizza as I am pretty certain there was cheese on it but it tasted quiet nice.

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Interesting facts about China

Population – 1.4 billion
Language – Madarin
National Day – October 1st
Offical religion – Buddhism
President – Jintao Hu

The one-child policy produced 90 million single children. This is known as the ‘little emperor’ phenomena

The Great Wall winds from the Yellow Sea to the Gobi Desert

For nearly 2000 years, the Chinese emperors required that their male servants to be eunuchs, in order to protect their concubines. The Ming court would have contained up to 20 000. Even as late as 1911, the eunuch population in the Qing Forbidden City was as high as 1000

The top of the Great Wall was designed so that five or six horsemen could ride side by side, between the crenellated walls.

The 'Bird's Nest' National stadium can seat 100 000 people

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Day fourteen, 2nd October 2012, my bedroom, 8.05 pm

Today was great! I was with Lucy’s family. Lucy is in Tiger’s class at the centre. She also has an older sibling, Tina who is six.
Today we (Lucy’s family and their friends) went to Yangmadao. It is also on the coast. In fact I think it is a small island connect to the mainland by a bridge. We stopped at a little beach to stretch our legs. It is a 40 minute drive from Yantai to Yangmadao (pronunced Yang-Ma-Dao) and this little bit of coast had amazing views (see pictures). The water was so clear and it was just beautiful. Afterwards we went to Lucy’s grandparents for lunch. Lucy’s mother is from Yangmadao. Lunch was again interesting. I avoid the ribs and octupus and stuck with rice and a couple of vegetable dishes. It was really nice.
After lunch we drove along the coast and stopped a couple of time to have a look at the view. I took 58 photos today of the coast. The views were just incredible, something that you struggle to find in the UK. I may have taken 58 photos but it doesn’t do the view any justice.

I think I have a bit of a tan.

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Day thirteen, 1st October 2012, my bedroom, 7.30 pm

A little more interesting today. Again I was with Tiger and his family all day. In the morning we went to the beach and the small fairground on the coast. Both Tiger and Vincent had a great time on the rides. I just enjoyed being at the seaside. Afterwards we met up with Tiger’s grandparents at a restaurant. It was an odd place. You ordered your food (which was pretty normal) but then each person was given a small bowl of water which sat on top of a heater which was built into the table. You then placed what you wanted to eat in the boiling water in front of you, watch it cook and then you can eat it. It was so alien, so alien that I missed restaurants back in England. I think I might avoid it in future – perhaps build up to it.
The afternoon was quiet. I was at home as Tiger’s dad had to go to the hospital and the evening has been pretty much the same.

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Day twelve, 30th September 2012, my bedroom, 7.15 pm

Today was a relatively quiet day. It is the mid-autumn festival today. Like Easter, that date varies from year to year as the date depends on when the harvest moon reachest its fullest – which is usually mid-late September. Everyone turns out to toast the full moon and hope for a big harvest. There have been lots of fire crackers that wake me up at 6 am. Both Sunny and Anna are away so I had lunch and dinner with Tiger’s family. Tiger is a 2 ½ boy in one of the classes that I will teach. He has an older brother, Vincent (8) his parents and grandparents. Nothing really happened so little to report

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