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Day eleven, 29th September 2012, my bedroom, 8.45 pm

Going shopping the day before a big Chinese festival (mid autumn festival) is like going shopping on Christmas eve, just five times as worse. It was unbelievably busy – I don’t think I have seen anything so busy in my life – and that include Christmas eve. It was an absolute nightmare. I was just glad that I had Anna with me. She knew what she was doing, where to go, what lables said etc.
Both Anna and Sunny are away until October 4th, so I am on my own. Sunny has arranged that I can have dinner with some of her friends whilst she is away so I’m not completely on my own. I made a big break through. I really wanted some chocolate so after dinner I braved the little supermarket that is near by. Everything went OK, though I had a little trouble with money, but the woman at the till helped me out thankfully. The language barrier is a big problem. Sunny’s aunt made dinner for me and I wanted to ask if she wanted any help. The problem was it that I’m pretty certain Sunny’s aunt doesn’t speak English and my Chinese is limited to ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘good night’. That will hopefully change over the next few months.

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Day ten, 28th September 2012, my bedroom, 8.40 pm

There were two classes today at the school. The morning one was for children aged 2 – 3, the second for children aged 3 – 5 (I think). In the morning I watched Anna and U.B (a male teacher from the ivory coast) teach the children and then in the afternoon I had the lovely task of teaching my first class.
And you know what… I felt like an idiot. A complete idiot. Some of the children wouldn’t speak to me and one of the them completely ignored me. Maybe it is all in my head, but for the majority of the class (which is only 45 mins) it was awkward. I suppose that by the time I leave I will be a complete natural and I won’t feel like an idiot and it won’t be awkward, but right now I don’t really want to teach. I’m perfectly happy just to watch.

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Day nine, 27th September, 2012, my bedroom, 8. 20pm

Today was a great day. Much better than yesterday. There were no classes so I had the whole day off. Yantai is on the coast of the yellow sea (which is blue before you make any jokes) and today my friend Lily and I cycled down to the coast. It did take me a while to get used to riding a bike. In the past few years, the bikes that I have been riding have been exercise bikes and therefore stationary. It has been at least seven, maybe even ten years since I rode a proper bicycle, but once I got the nack of it again, it all came flooding back to me. They don’t say ‘it’s just like riding a bike’ for nothing.
The seaside at Yantai consists of sandy beaches and sea that you can swim in, and with the sun beating down on us, it did not feel like the end of September at all. Lily and I walked along the coast for a little bit before turning back to get some lunch. The restaurant that we ate at attempted to do western food. However the only thing that I could eat (seeing as I am vegetarian) was a pizza. Let me tell you now, that whilst it looked liked a pizza and was called a pizza, it was not a pizza. The vegetables were weird and I’m pretty sure were undercooked. The cheese was also horrible and I have had horrible cheese in my lifetime. It was not good.
The afternoon was quiet. I talked to my parents (via Skype) and had my orientation with the au pair agency I am with (again via Skype) and then spent the rest of the afternoon reading and sewing.
And that was that.

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Just a quick question...

... Out of curiosity, who is reading this blog, apart from my parents?

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Day seven, 25th September, 2012, my bedroom, 8. 40pm

My goodness the Chinese do like to eat. Yesterday we (Me, Sunny and Co) went out for lunch to Pizza Land (not as good as home but it was nice) and promptly ordered two large pizzas, two bowls of spaghetti, chips, garlice bread, and fried Chicken for six adults and one two year old. My first day in Yantai we went out for lunch – it felt like it was never ending. Food just kept coming out from the kitchen. They are always asking if I want more or not. At the moment I polietly decline because after the third or fourth ‘eat more’ I am getting full.
I think I will also leave the Chinese style of driving to the Chinese. I went to downtown Yantai today with a friend. It was possibly the bumpiest and noisest 30 minute bust journeys I have ever had and I have had my fair share of bumpy bus journeys to and from uni. Whatever you have been told about driving in China – it is most likely true. I was crossing the road (a very large road) and even though the green man was waving me and my friend across, drivers just kept driving around us. It was a little disconcerting. Sitting on the bus (surrounded by strangers I had just put all my trust in) I was very glad that I was driving. I will leave that to the bus driver.
One bit of good news is that I have discovered that you can find Cadburys in China. It’s not dairy milk or anything close – just those chocolate eclaires they make, or at least ones that look and taste very similar.

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