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Day six, 24th September 2012, my bedroom, 8. 30 pm

Just got in from having dinner with Sunny and family. Very nice dinner, though they had prawns. Well I think they were prawns. They were rather large, still with the shells and everything. Yesterday for dinner they had crab – again still with the shells and everything. I didn’t know whether to be disgusted or curious.

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Day five, 23rd September 2012, my bedroom, 9.15 pm

Just a quick one to say hello and that I am much better know. The bug has gone. And so has the internet connection.

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Day four, 22nd September 2012, my room, local time 9pm

The past couple of days have been very interesting. The wait in Hong Kong did not do me any favours. There was no where for me to lie down and a decent amount of sleep. The lights were on all the time, the travelator kept telling people (who weren’t there) the please hold the rail in both English and Chinses. The shuttle that took people from end of the airport to the other had a beep attached to it and someone in the airport insisted on playing the most annoying music ever known to man on repeat. I personally would have perferred Vogon poetry. A combination of all these things, the lack of sleep and the lack of food and stress made me ill and I caught a persistant stomach bug, causing me to be ill shortly before my flight to Qingdao, on the flight and then during my first night in Yantai, hence why I have missed Day three.
I suppose the one upside to being ill is that I was able to have some assistance in the form of a wheel chair and someone to push me. This meant that I was able to jump to the front of the queue for immigration.
I shall be living in a city called Yantai (see map). About 6 million people live in Yantai, with a large Korean population, most likey due to its proximity to both North and South Korea. It is also on the coast and is well known for its fishing. I am living at school (which is located in a block of flats) that my host mum works at. I have my own room and live with a Chinese girl called Anna, who also teaches at the school. My host mum, Sunny and her family only live down the road in another flat.
Due to my stomach bug, I had hurt my back quite a bit so Sunny and Anna took me to have a massage. It did the trick – an odd sensation definity and whilst my back still twinges a bit, it doesn’t hurt as much as it did. We (me, Sunny, Anna, Sunny’s son Eric and Sunny’s mother) went out for lunch to a local restaurant. I didn’t have much of an appetite, but I managed to eat a little bit of everything and they were all impressed with my chopstick skills.
I was incredibly tired after that, as I hadn’t had slept properly in about three days so in the afternoon I had a nap before going to dinner at Sunny’s.
So that was my first full day in China. More tomorrow!

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Day two, 20th September 2012, Café in HKIA local time 3.44pm

I have landed in Hong Kong after an eventful flight. I hate the feeling of taking off and landing but once that is over I am OK.
The actual flight was OK and apart from a little bit of turbulance, there was nothing to it. Dinner was, again, ok as was breakfast. I think I am in the small minority of people who actually enjoy airplane food, and whilst it was exactly imaginative (dinner was pasta in tomato with cheese and breakfast was simply two bread rolls with butter and jam) but edible. Top tip – if you don’t want indigestion or nausea on a plane, eat slowly. Trust me when I say this – indigestion on a plane in mid air is NOT fun.
My connecting flight to Qingdao (pronounced Ching-dao) is at local time 10. 35 am (3. 35 am in the UK) meaning I have a 19 hour wait in Hong Kong, only for a thre ehour flight. Hoplefully it won’t be too bad.

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Day one, 19th September 2012, Airplane

So after weeks of waiting, two trips to Manchester for my visa, numrerous trips to go shopping for things that I need, countless trips to the doctors, one blood test, one ECG, one X-ray and one long train journey from Rugby to Heathrow and I am FINALLY on the plane to Hong Kong, watching Men in Black III.
As I am writing this we are flying over northern Europe. The flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong is about 5990 miles and eleven hours – taking off a 8.15 pm UK time and landing in Hong kong 3.05 pm Hong Kong time. There is a seven hour time difference between the UK and China so the next few hours I may be out of sink with the rest of the country

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