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Day twenty, 8th October 2012, my bedroom, 7.30 pm

6.30 am – Wake up. I have white curtains and the sun rises on my side of the building, waking me up. If it’s not the sun then it tends to be the firecrakers, though know that the holiday is over they have died down a bit.

7.30 am – walk over to Sunny’s for breakfast. Sunny’s husband leaves for work about this time. Today was two fried eggs and a couple of egg rolls. They look like the chocolate cigarellos you find in chocolate boxes and are rather nice.

8.15 am – back to the school. I live at the school so the place need to be tidy on a regular basis. Not that I have much stuff here in China, but I always make my bed and put away any clothes.

9 am – first class of the day. The class is for 2 – 3 year olds so their parents, usually their mums or a grandparent or two, sit in with them. It was much better teaching this time round that previously. I knew what I was doing. It was thrust upon me two hours before the class. It can be a little awkward when you are trying to get them to say something but they have this blank look on their face. Sometimes I can’t quiet decided whether the children want to be in the class.

10 am – the class has finished and the kids gone home

10.30 am – chinese lesson one. Having already had a couple of lessons in England I sought have the basics down. There is me and me. One on one lessons are OK, though there is no one to hide behind if you don’t know the answer.

11.30 am – chinese lesson over.

12 noon – over to Sunny’s for lunch. Sunny wasn’t there but her son Eric and his grandmother were.

1 pm – Back to my room after lunch. Free time now.

3.30pm – Chinese lesson two. Similar to the first lesson. We went over the stuff from the previous lesson. Lily constantly says that I am a good student and pick the language quickly.

4.30pm – Chinese lesson over

5 pm – lesson number two. This clas is for 3 -4 year olds. Again the parents sit in with them. Again, the same awkwardness when the kids don’t respond to you questions. There are a couple of parents who are really into it. I think they may be learning at the same time as their children. This class is always eventful in some way. It is at the end of the day and the kids have already done a day at Kindergarten and so maybe a little tired and don’t want to sit for an hour learning English. There are always at one child crying and today there were three.

6 pm – class has finished and over to Sunny’s for dinner.

6.45 pm – back at mine

7.30 pm – write blog.

9 pm – go to bed.

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Day nineteen, 7th October, 2012, my bedroom, 8.40 pm

Another quiet day again. Should be more interesting tomorrow.

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Day eighteen, 6th October 2012, my bedroom, 8. 30 pm

Again, quiet day, though I did manage to go to the beach by myself.

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Day seventeen, 5th October 2012, my bedroom, 7pm

Had a quiet day. Nothing to report.

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Day sixteen, 4th October 2012, my bedroom, 8 pm

Today was OK. The two families from the previous couple of days joined so Tiger, Lucy, Tina and Vincent went to this indoor play centre. Now if you are 2, 6 or 8, or a parent watching their children, then its ok. But if you are 21 and too old for the cool slide then it isn’t.

However, if one of the two year olds (Tiger) don’t quiet get the concept of a slide then it gives the 21 year old the perfect excuse to have a go on the really cool slide.

Lunch was odd. There was a restaurant down the road from the play centre. There were some vegetable dishes for me to eat but most of the food was meat, including the silkworms that everyone (except me) ate. But anyway, Lucy and Tiger’s families have looked after me very well that past couple of days.

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